The Herbalife Hustle


Thousands upon thousands of people have signed up for companies like Herbalife. Whether you are looking for health products or looking to start your own distribution business, you’ll need to do some extensive research. At their conventions, you’ll hear claims that promise a happy life with consistent income. An enthusiastic representative of the company will tell you all about the incredible benefits of the products, and the advantages of joining the business. Companies like Herbalife usually pick people whose joy and positivism are contagious. You might seriously consider joining in after the session is over. While digging in on this topic, we were puzzled with what real people or ex-members had to say.

Herbalife and companies alike wish to attract people who will believe that they’ll have a more satisfying life (managing their own business, time and finances) by becoming a Herbalife distributor. What they don’t tell you is how hard it is to actually make money from their products and how with every sign up, the people at the top of this pyramid scheme will be reeling in most of the capital. They’ll have you believe that you’ll become wealthy by selling their products, but the primary source of income from top earners comes when these “distributors” get more people to sign up as distributors. They are essentially just recruiters. It is estimated that around 9 million people have been deceived this way.

All right, so you don’t wish to become a Herbalife distributor. But can you still enjoy their products? Are they efficient and above all, safe? The evidence we found did not point in the direction of reliable and trustworthy products. The health benefits of these products have yet to be proved. They tend to be pretty expensive, and might even be worse for you than the average stuff you find at your local grocery store. There have been cases of health being compromised by their products, and even suspected deaths.

Most of the things Herbalife recruiters claim to offer you is misrepresented. What you need to understand is, you will never see results unless you are ready to start recruiting a large number of people who will also recruit a large number of people. If you’re in it for their health products, you may want to consider looking elsewhere, otherwise do some extensive research on their compensation plan before signing up, if you’re surrounded by hungry and/or gullible people, this might actually work for you.


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